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2022-11-28~30 Conference Presentation
I. Frizza will present our work with AIST and the university of Montpellier, France on "A study on the possible benefits of using variable stiffness feet for humanoid walking on rough terrains", IEEE-RAS 21st Int. Conf. on Humanoid Robots. @Okinawa, Japan

2022-11-28 Invited talk
GV will give a talk on "For more HRI in the wild, why and how", at a workshop at the IEEE-RAS 21st Int. Conf. on Humanoid Robots. @Okinawa, Japan

2022-12-1~2 Panel discussion
GV will host a panel discussion session on "What Future for the Society with Robots and AI - Economy, Ecology and Politics beyond Human Beings" at the Tokyo Forum 2022. @Tokyo, Japan and online

2022-12-13 Workshop
N. Zaidi, P. Osorio and A. Tibbles are organizing a workshop at the International conference on Social Robotics on "Design for debate: futuring robots for Healthcare". GV will also give a talk there. @Florence, Italy and online

2022-12-16 Workshop
GV will give a keynote talk on our work on "Making robots that last" at the workshop "Eco-socio-botics 2022 - Social Robotics for sustainability" on at the International conference on Social Robotics. @Florence, Italy and online

2022-12-21 Seminar
Dr. C. Hernandez from the University of Tokyo, Japan will give a talk about his latest research. @UT Hybrid 11:00~12:00 More details coming soon

2023-1-17~20 Conference Presentation
S. Hagane will present his work in collaboration with Queen Mary University London, UK on "Linearizing Robotic Manipulator's Dynamics Using Koopman Operator and Applying Generalized Predictive Control" at SII 2023. @Atlanta, USA

2023-1-31 Seminar
Prof. C. Pelachaud from the Sorbonne University, France will visit us and give a talk about her research works. @UT Hybrid 11:00~12:00 More details coming soon

recent news

2022-10-25 IROS WiRES 35
GV was nominated as one of the 35 Women in Robotics Engineering and Science at the IROS Forum 35.

2022-7-14 Best presentation award
M.-L. Bourguet presented our paper on "Robot public speakers’ effect on audience affective reaction and attention allocation" at BCS Human-Computer Interaction conference 2022 and received the best presenttaion award. Congratulations!

2022-7-4 Visiting student
N. Zaidi from Strate, France is visiting us for 3 months. Welcome!

2022-5-19 Invited professor
Prof. D. Lestel from ENS, France is visiting us for 2 months. Welcome back!

2022-4-1 GVLab is moving
From April 1st the GVLab has 2 locations in Tokyo and 2 teams: GVLab@TUAT and GVLab@UT. For the detailed locations look there. Before visiting us double check which location to go.

2022-1-7 Podcast
GV was interview in "the curious podcast, Listen to women in Science and Tech share their insights", about robots, education, and career path. Listen here

2022-1-1 Best wishes!

newly published

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IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems
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