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2023-5-24 Invited talk
GV will give a talk on "Would robots ever get near us?" at Monash University. @Melbourne, Australia

2023-5-25 Melbourne Design week
GV, with D. Kulic, I. Fridman and S. Sumartojo are organizing an event at Melbourne Design week 2023: conversation and creative workshop exploring the future of robots and the city . @No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia 5-8pm AEST. Register here

2023-5-29 Invited talk
GV will give a talk on “Challenges in pHRI when a robot does you good” at the ICRA workshop on Innovations and Applications of Human Modelling in pHRI.@London, UK ICRA 2023

2023-6-9 Invited talk
GV will give a talk on “Créer des machines pathétiques” at the Activist philosophies for technology ethics conference. @Paris, France registration mandatory

2023-6-28~7-1 Conference presentation
Prof. E. Uchiyama and D. Takamatsu will attend ROBOMECH 2023 to present their work on "Model and Inspect of the Sensation Dullness Using Free Energy Principle", "Extracting Risk Indices for Fall Risk Assessment System from Daily Motions Using IMU Sensors" and "Recognition of individuals and gestures in a multi-person environment by a low-specification robot utilizing a communication library" respectively. @Nagoya, Japan

2023-9-11 Invited talk
GV will give a talk on "Robotics, a total phenomenon" at the workshop "Discursive and Material Dimensions of the Digital Transformation: Perspectives from and on Japan". @Tokyo, Japan

recent news

2023-4-1 New students
Welcome to all the new students starting with us for undergard, master, intern and exchange program.

2023-1-19 Visiting student
R. Love from Monash University, Australia is visiting us for 1 month. Welcome!

2023-1-24 Yokobo in the news
An other short article about Yokobo in "RT Flash".

2023-1-1 All the best for the new year!

2022-12-20 Yokobo in the news
A short article about Yokobo in French economy magazine "Les echos".

2022-11-25 People talk about Yokobo
An article about Yokobo on the French website of the Institut Carnot Telecom et societe numerique.

2022-10-25 IROS WiRES 35
GV was nominated as one of the 35 Women in Robotics Engineering and Science at the IROS Forum 35.

2022-7-14 Best presentation award
M.-L. Bourguet presented our paper on "Robot public speakers’ effect on audience affective reaction and attention allocation" at BCS Human-Computer Interaction conference 2022 and received the best presenttaion award. Congratulations!

newly published

Technique de l'ingenieur
G. Venture, Interaction humain-robot et robots pathétiquesin French. 2023.

D. Deuff, G. Venture,I. Milleville-Pennel, I. Ocnarescu, Yōkobo, an object of sensitive presence 2023.

Int. J. of Automotive Engineering
S. Capy, G. Venture, P. Raksincharoensak, Pedestrians and Cyclists Intention Estimation in the Purpose of Autonomous Driving: A Systematic Review, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 10-19, 2023. pdf

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