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2024-4-7 TV program
If you are in Japan, have a TV, and speak Japanese, you can enjoy a TV program with Prof. Y. Atomi where GV is a guest, along with novelist S. Shinoda, and talk about mind and body, the role of communication, robots, non-verbal communication, and movement analysis. @21:00JST on 放送大学 BS 231 TV channel

2024-4-11 Seminar
P. Zguda from Jagiellonian University, Poland will give a seminar on "Nao in the Wild: Sensitive groups and other challenges". @16:00~17:00 Hybrid Eng. Blg 2 room 31A more details
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2024-4-25 Seminar
T. Ishigaki from The University of Tokyo, Japan will give a seminar on "Dynamics Gradient Calculation and Fast Dynamical Simulation of Flexible Rods". @14:00~15:00 Hybrid Eng. Blg 2 room TBD more details
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2024-5-13~17 Presentations and talks @ICRA 2024
We will be attending and presenting some of our works at ICRA 2024, stay tuned! GV will also give a few talks at workshops. @Yokohama, Japan

2024-6-24~27 Conference presentation
X. Indurkhya will present her work about "The Value of Specific, Expansive Imaginary Scenarios: an Exploration of Recent Science Fiction Literature through the Lens of Robotics" at Ubiquitous Robots 2024. @New York, USA

recent news

2024-4-1 New students
Welcoming 3 new master students, 4 undergraduate students and 3 more internship students this month, as well as a new visiting professor. Check our people page.

2024-3-22 and 26 Graduation ceremony
Congratulations to our undergraduate students at UT and our master and PhD students at TUAT for successfully finishing their research with us!
TUAT Graduation Ceremony 2024UT Graduation Ceremony 2024

2024-2-26 Internship student
T. Rousseau from Reims University, France, is joining us for 6 months. Welcome!

2024-2-13 Internship student
C. Tsuji is joining for a research internship for a month. Welcome!

2024-1-30 Visiting professor & student
Prof. Dana Kulic and her PhD candidate Tin Tran from Monash University, Australia are visiting us for a week.

newly published

X. Indurkhya, G. Venture, Lessons in Developing a Behavioral Coding Protocol to Analyze In-the-Wild Child-Robot Interaction Events and Experiments, 13(7), 1175. open access

Tokyo Forum 2024 Panel discussion

Trans. on Human-Robot Interaction
N. Abe, Y. Hu, M. Benallegue, N. Yamanobe, G. Venture, E. Yoshida, Human Understanding and Perception of Unanticipated Robot Action in the Context of Physical Interaction, 2024.

P. Osorio, R. Sagawa, N. Abe, and G. Venture, A Generative Model to Embed Human Expressivity into Robot Motions, 24, 569. open access

Advances in Mechanism and Machine Science
〇 G. Venture, R. Kose, C. Kayo, I. Hanasaki, Y. Tagawa, J. Aoki, K. Orui, S. Capy, D. Nakagawa, and M. Kuroiwa, "Kamirobo": A transdisciplinary research towards more sustainable robots, Vol. 149, pp. 763–773, 2023.
〇 S. Nakatani, G. Venture, Acceleration of Direct Optimal Control and Cost Weight Vector Estimation using Machine Learning, Vol.148, pp. 828–837, 2023.
〇 K. Mori, G. Venture, Identification of the gear transmission’s efficiency by neural network, Vol. 148, pp. 899–909, 2023.

E. Coronado, N. Yamanobe, G. Venture, NEP+: A Human-Centered Framework for Inclusive Human-Machine Interaction Development, 23(22), 9136, 2023. open access

J. of Robotics and Mechatronics
S. Toyoguchi, E. Coronado, G. Venture, A human-centered and adaptive robotic system using deep learning and Adaptive Predictive Controllers, Vol.35 No.3, pp. 834-843, 2023. doi: 10.20965/jrm.2023.p0834 pdf

E. Coronado, T. Shinya, G. Venture, Hold My Hand: Development of a Force Controller and System Architecture for Joint Walking with a Companion Robot, 23(12), 5692, 2023. open access

Technique de l'ingenieur
G. Venture, Interaction humain-robot et robots pathétiquesin French. 2023.

D. Deuff, G. Venture,I. Milleville-Pennel, I. Ocnarescu, Yōkobo, an object of sensitive presence 2023.

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