Thursday June 2nd 2022 @ French Embassy in Tokyo & online


Each speaker will give a brief talk (at most 15 minutes) before each session they appear in and then all speakers will discuss and address questions from the audience.

14 :30-15 :00 JST Pause-café and welcome
7 :30-8 :00 CET

15 :00-15 :20 JST Introductory Vitamins
8 :00-8 :20 CET

Didier Marty-Dessus, Gentiane Venture, Dominique Lestel

15 :30-17:00 JST Beyond Human Beings
8 :30-10 :00 CET

Emmanuele Quin, France Cadet, Agnes Giard, Jerome Monceaux

"I wanted not a single soul to have to go stupid standing at somebody else's machines. I wanted to leave nothingーnothing! left of this damned mess that society's in" Karel Capek

17 :00-17 :30 JST Pause-café and discussions
10 :00-10 :30 CET

17 :30-19:00 JST It's alive! Alive!
10 :30-12 :00 CET

Muriel Jolivet, Marion Laval-Jeantet, Kentaro Yoshifuji

"If I die,' she murmured, 'maybe I'll be born again when the Rosen Association stamps out its next unit of my subtype." Philip K. Dick

19 :00-19 :30 JST Discussions and closing
12 :00-12 :30 CET


contact us: workshop organized with the support of the French Embassy in Tokyo and Kawada Technologies 
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